Science Fair

Bring your whole family to participate in a Science Fair full of engaging hands-on science activities for all ages.  


Check out plants and rocks during a toddler focused earth science activity.


Look into the sun with a solar telescope!


Make filter paper butterflies and experiement with dry ice with Clorox!


Tell your social media networks why #SCIENCEMATTERS to you by posting an photo taken at our Science Photo Booth.

Join Livermore Indivisible at a postcard writing station to let your US Representatives about science policies that are important to you. 


Create your own science themed buttons with Tri-Valley CARES!


Learn about food waste in your home and what you can do to lessen it.


Learn about the impact of global warming and ocean acidification with cool science demonstrations!

Marbles Magnets and Motion! Kids will love to play and explore how acceleration changes!